About Us

IGDA-Montreal is the local chapter of the International Game Developer Association, founded in January 2001 by a handful of people working in the growing Montreal game industry, eager to find ways to create a sense of belonging for a community that was booming at the time. Since the beginning, we have been pushing to share information, experiences… and a drink.

Exclusively operated by volunteers for 15 years,  IGDA-Montreal was one of the most active and largest IGDA chapters in the world.

IGDA-Montreal is currently on a pause. While the original founders need a bit of a break after 15 amazing years, there is a bigger discussion needed regarding the role of the IGDA in a robust and highly active game hub, like Montreal is now.

A big thanks and hug to all the volunteers and advisors who guided the chapter over the years. And a special thanks to all the sponsors who made it possible.

– Jason & Isabelle