Workshop Notes: Designing Drama + Multiplayer Coding

“Designing Drama” by Jill Murray, Founder, Discoglobe Interactive notes by Jana Sloan van Geest,  Ludia Tuesday’s Workshop Swap event opened with “Designing Drama,” a talk by award-winning game writer and novelist Jill Murray. This talk outlined how drama functions as an engine of change in game narrative. Drama: An Engine of Change There are great […]

DemoNight 2016: Call for Demos

IGDA-Montreal is now making a call for games to be showcased at our annual DemoNight event set for January 26th at the SAT. We are happy to accept game demos and prototypes from established game companies, indie developers, and (space allowing) amateur/student efforts. Please note the following basic rules: Must be an unreleased game (as of […]

Workshop Notes: Data-Informed Design + Community Management

October 2015 saw a new format for IGDA-Montreal, called “workshop swap” with two back-to-back workshops intermixed with networking and discussion. Here are the notes from the two sessions. Topic #1: “Data-Informed Design: How to effectively use research to create better games” by Jonathan Dankoff – Games User Researcher, Ubisoft notes by Clement Linel For more […]